10 Innovative Baby Products for the Modern Parent

best baby products

Parenting isn’t what it used to be, that’s for sure. We have access to so many more products that make parenting easier, more convenient and… more expensive!

Plus, for some parents, the sheer options available make it even more confusing!

The most important thing is to find products that make life easier for you and/or your baby and focus on those.

But, we are going to look at 10 new, innovative baby products that are gaining popularity online for being must-have parenting items for the modern parent. Affiliate links used.

1. Baby Shusher: The Sleep Miracle

best baby products

A white noise machine isn’t anything new – in fact, they’ve been used for a long time because – well, they work!

This particular white noise machine has become a massive hit with parents because it offers a few new features, including:

  • Real human voice to mimic a mother’s shushing
  • Portable
  • Easy to clean, BPA free material
  • Award winner
  • Affordable
  • Uses batteries for easy travel

Thousands of great reviews can’t be wrong! Check out this miracle baby shusher on Amazon.

2. Baby Bjorn Bouncer:

best baby products

There’s a million bouncer seats out there – but few with almost perfect reviews. This one is heralded by all as the bouncer of all bouncers.

Sure, you’ll pay a premium for this baby seat, but many say it’s worth it. After all, a baby seat is only worth any money at all if the baby likes it. This one, users say babies LOVE.

Innovative features include:

  • Ergonomic, with proper head and back support
  • Natural rocking
  • Cover is easy to remove and machine washable!
  • Suitable for play and rest
  • Recommended by pediatricians

What a great registry item for the modern parent! Available in a bunch of different colors and even has a detachable toy bar you can add for more entertainment. Find the Baby Bjorn bouncer on Amazon.

3. Baby Einstein Around We Grow Activity Center:

best baby products

Everyone is talking about this innovative play table, with an added feature to make it extra entertaining! The chair where baby sits actually rotates around the play table, so they can move, gain leg strength, as well as have access to lots of entertainment!

Baby Einstein has long been creating colorful, engaging toys that also incorporate learning and music, so it should be no surprise that they have done it again with this awesome activity center any baby would be lucky to have!

Find the Baby Einstein activity center on Amazon.

4. Portable Pacifier Sanitizer:

best baby products

This new release has already shot to #1, because it solves a very real problem – sanitizing pacifiers.

Plus, it’s portable, multi-purpose, and kills 99.99% of bacteria in 60 seconds.

Wow, that’s a winner.

Be the best guest at the baby shower with this innovative pacifier sanitizer.

5. Owlet Smart Sock 2.0:

best baby products

One of the greatest fears of parents is SIDS – and Owlet has created a solution to ease those worries. A simple sock tracks your baby’s oxygen levels and alerts you right away if they drop too low.

While earlier versions of the sock were said to alert inconsistently, they have continued improving the Owlet in the latest versions, making it more accurate than ever before.

Here are some of the incredible features of the Owlet:

  • Track baby’s heart rate
  • Track baby’s oxygen levels
  • Smart phone apps hows real-time info
  • Includes 3 washable socks to rotate

Read more about this incredible invention on Amazon.

6. Newton Crib Mattress:

best baby products

While many baby products were being reinvented, we saw very little innovation in the world of baby and crib mattresses.

Enter: Newton – the world’s most washable, breathable mattress. This incredible mattress has a fully washable cover that zips on and off to protect the completely breathable core made of wovenaire core that you can literally wash down in the bath when needed.

The two-sided cover offers the safe, breathable side for infants and a more protective side for the toddler years.

We have 2 Newton mattresses ourselves and have been totally amazed by this invention. Highly recommend.

7. Doona Infant Car Seat:

best baby products

Why just buy a car seat when you can buy a car seat that almost instantly converts into a stroller?

The Doona has solved one of the most common concerns of parents with newborns and infants – how do you move them from the car and into a stroller without waking them up?

Now, with Doona, you don’t have to choose. Simply life the car seat out of the car, press a button to release the stroller base and legs, check that its locked and start strolling.

Life with an infant just got a little bit easier. Grab Doona on Amazon.

8. Halo Bassinet:

best baby products

Another common baby registry item just got transformed, with the Halo Bassinet. With a 360 degree swivel, you can easily move baby close for checks and feedings, but a bit further away when everyone is asleep, for a little more privacy in case one of you is a light sleeper or a snorer.

Also, swivel features make it ideal for nursing and c-section mamas. Plus, with a stable 4-point base that adjusts to fit most beds, you can easy fit it into small spaces and rooms.

Storage pockets make it easy to stay organized and polyester material can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. The polyurethane mattress pad is waterproof and contains no toxic flame retardants. Talk about an angel of a bassinet. Grab Halo on Amazon.

9. Frida Baby Kit:

best baby products

Frida has been innovating baby products for years – so anything by Frida Baby is going to be a great idea.

In fact, just grab the whole set with this Frida Baby kit, including:

  • 1 NoseFrida the SnotSucker
  • 20 NoseFrida Hygiene Filters
  • 10 Windi the GasPasser instant gas relief tubes
  • 1 NailFrida
  • 1 Fridet the MomWasher
  • 1 FeverFrida baby thermometer
  • PLUS travel case

You have no idea how many new parent qualms this kit will solve for you. Don’t hesitate – buy it on Amazon today.

10. Dockatot Baby Sleeper:

best baby products

At first, I didn’t quite see the point of the Dockatot. I didn’t see how it filled a gap in the market. Why not just put baby in a bouncer?

Well, the Dockatot offers breathability, safety and flexibility with it’s lightweight design you can take anywhere.

Want to go to the beach and have a safe place for baby to lay? Dockatot.

Want to go to a hotel and have a safe place to nap baby? Dockatot.

Want a soothing place for baby to rest when you can’t let them sleep on you? Docktot.

There’s all these reasons and more why Dockatot has fast become one of the must-have items for the modern parent. Read more about Dockatot here.


It may appear that convenience and innovation come at a price. But, while all of these products are on the pricier side – you can always find copycat products that have taken these ideas and distilled them in more affordable, accessible products.

Isn’t that always the way it goes?

Either way, parenting isn’t what it used to be. Enjoy checking out all of these cool new baby products!




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